1984 SepFounded as ‚Schätti Päät‘
1985 MarRenamed to ‚Orange Juice Corporation‘
1985 Jun 24First gig
1985 OctRenamed to ‚Juice‘ [Mk. I]
1986 FebJuice [Mk. II]
1986 JunJuice [Mk. III, final]
1987 Feb 27First gig for Juice Mk. III
1987-1991Gigs, gigs, gigs
1987 Jun 25Release: ‚Live Rock Performance‘ (Demo tape)
1988 Jun 18Release: ‚Shadow Man … And Other Stories‘
1989 Feb 17Release: ‚One Step Further‘
1989 Mar 13Going to Hamburg
1991 May 11Original Orange Juice Corporation Revival Band Project Gig
1991 Jun 16Last gig @ Open Ear Party
1991 JulDisbanding of Juice
…meanwhile…a long, long time passing
2011 Jun 24Private gig … all of a sudden
2015 – 2016More private gigs … but still not committed
2017 Apr 08Official reunion gig @ Alt Buprich
2017 ….Juice are „Coming home“

Band Members

(chronological order)

Ritch (sax)1983-2020
Tom (dr, voc)1983 – today
Hubs (b, g, p, keyb, perc, voc) 1983 – today
Bernhard (perc, voc)1983-1991
Markus (harm, mix)1983-1991
Jogi (git)1983
Dirk (git, voc)1984, 1985-1986
Petra (keyb, git, voc)1984-1985
Bernd (git, b, voc)1984
Frank (voc, git)1984 – today
Mario (voc)1985
Ralf „Schroeder“ (git)1986 – today
Ralf „Shorty“ (keyb)1986-1987
Jürgen (keyb)1988